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Photo by Robert Jordan/Ole Miss Communications..About the Club: Ole Miss Cricket Club (OMCC) was officially launched during the summer of 2006. Practice sessions takes place on Saturdays and Sundays from 6:30PM to 10:15PM at the Intramural Grounds, Oxford, MS. Every year in the month of August, Independence Cup tournament is conducted. Students, Staff and FNC teams participate in this tournament. We also organize cricket tournaments with Mississippi State University, Auburn, University of Memphis, Jackson State University and few other teams. For more information visit, ...About the Match:  .TOURNAMENT NAME: INDEPENDENCE CUP.FINALS:Ole Miss Student Team vs FNC. .Student's team won the toss and elected to bowl..FNC: 88 runs from 20 overs..Ole Miss: 84 runs in 20 overs. .Students team had to chase 89 runs to win from 20 overs and lost by 4 runs to FNC. . .